K-9 Protection Training and Obedience

Hello, I’m Ray Sarkine, director of Indy Fur Missiles.  I’ve been training dogs over 30 years and I am what’s considered a ‘balanced’ trainer. There are 3 things I am sure of:  

  1. Even with great genetics, there’s no ‘perfect’ dog. You can’t simply buy your way to a great dog. Each animal is different and will require a unique approach.

 2.  There is no ‘perfect’ trainer. It takes a lot of experience, commitment and ‘eyes on’ to be successful. No one produces a great dog alone – you need teamwork. It’s impossible to know it all, I certainly don’t.  I am always learning more. When I encounter a questionable situation,  I’ll refer to one of my colleagues who can achieve results. 

3.  Finally, there’s no rushing. You need patience and dedication. You have to do the work – without shortcuts.

Start with understanding those 3 things and then add one more vital element, FUN. Enjoy your dog,  they feel your emotions right down the leash.

At Indy Fur Missiles we work together in a respectful, non-judgmental manner.  All with a positive attitude are welcome and no previous experience is needed.